Pixel Art Decor was born in the mind of graphic designer and art enthusiast Josué Torres. Fine artist by heart and graphic designer by trait, he has spent most of his life surrounded and influenced by art in a very personal level. Original from Puerto Rico, but having lived in Miami and Orlando he has touched many businesses and individuals with his modern, beautiful and unique designs. With a taste for modern decor came the need for artwork that was aesthetically beautiful and large enough to create an impact of color and shapes. Searching for the right piece of art that could please the eye, complete the look of his new house and that could also be prominent in size he encountered a very critical obstacle; fine art with the desire dimensions was very expensive.

Not wanting to buy mass produced artwork with less than mediocre quality, he set out to create his own artwork. A digital artwork that is created through the eyes of a pure designs process, but also where every print is an original digital artwork. Printed on canvas using a process known as “giclees”, this art is enhanced with textures, gallery mounted for a more modern look. A great choice for anyone looking to own original work without paying the high price.


Pixel Art Decor sole purpose is to create affordable, hand signed, limited series of original art, that will complete your modern or not so modern needs for the perfect room environment. Our desire is for people to enjoy the great feeling of owning an original piece of art, an element of home decor that is always overlook, but one that completes an empty canvas in your home… your walls.